Gender Disaggregation of Data in International Development Programs: A Conversation with Rajeev Colaço and Stephanie Watson-Grant

The world’s understanding of gender is evolving beyond the binary, creating a promising opportunity for program implementors, survey researchers and data collectors to make their work more inclusive and representative. This is the concept behind a new policy brief from RTI Press, in which Rajeev Colaço of RTI and Stephanie Watson-Grant of John Snow International explore the concept of gender-disaggregated data in international development programs, surveys and data collection. Read more ›

Photo of Ousseni Mone at the airport

CHISU-supported Platform Improves Delivery of COVID-19 Test Results

The first case of COVID-19 was officially found in Burkina Faso on March 9, 2020, and the government quickly restricted travel to prevent the spread of the virus. This critical public health measure also kept people from important aspects of their work. “I did not try to travel during the COVID19 restriction period but I started traveling again after the airport opened,” said Ousseni Mone, the technical director of a company based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, who traveled at least twice a year before COVID. Read more ›

Digital Systems and Data Quality

This June 9, 2021 USAID CHISU Project webinar, the fourth in a series on technical leadership, was titled “Digital Systems and Data Quality: Will we, or have we, gone beyond data quality conversations with digital systems?” Read more ›

Standards-Based Interoperability of Systems: Use Cases

This May 12, 2021 USAID CHISU Project webinar, the third in a series on technical leadership, was titled “Standards-Based Interoperability of Systems: Country examples of testing and enabling exchange of data for holistic health information management.” Read more ›

Opportunities for Local Organizations: How They Can Contribute to Sustainable HIS Strengthening in Countries

This July 14, 2021 USAID CHISU Project webinar featured a panel discussion of approaches to engaging local and regional partners in sustaining and enhancing a health information system. Read more ›

Gender Equity and Health Outcomes: Beyond Just “Male” and “Female”

This April 14, 2021 USAID CHISU Project webinar, the second in a series on technical leadership, was titled “Gender Equity and Health Outcomes: Experiences with and Opportunities for Gender Integration in Health Information Systems.” Read more ›

HIS Leadership Considerations: Where to Start?

This March 17, 2021 USAID CHISU Project webinar, the first in a series on technical leadership, was titled “Health Information System (HIS) Leadership for HIS Progression: Considerations from Community to National Level.” Read more ›

Launch of the High-Performing Health Care (HPHC) Systems Tool

This May 26, 2021 USAID CHISU Project webinar focused on a web-based application called the High-Performing Health Care (HPHC) systems tool, which was developed by USAID and partners (including CHISU) to measure progress toward becoming a high performing health system. Read more ›