Burkina Faso

Map of Africa with Burkina Faso highlighted

CHISU is supporting the Government of Burkina Faso to strengthen surveillance and health data, including data collection, analysis, and routine use. CHISU also promotes a lasting culture of quality, including COVID-19 data and the revision of vaccination tools. 

The program is helping the country enhance its electronic One Health platform, which is linked to the national Health Management Information System, to better meet the needs of the Ministries of Health, Animal Resources and Fisheries, and of Environment Green Economy and Climate Change.

CHISU is supporting data updates to ensure the completeness of vaccination records and strengthened COVID-19 reporting in the country, improving the quality and increasing the demand for and use of COVID-19 data in Burkina Faso through an electronic monitoring platform: ms-Surveillance. 

The program is working closely with Immunization managers at the regional and district levels to ensure regular supervision and near real time monitoring of vaccination data capture. CHISU is also supporting the development of solutions that will allow data-driven decision making.


Status: active.