Burkina Faso

Map of Africa with Burkina Faso highlighted

One Health is an approach that involves experts from many fields working together to monitor and control public health threats and to learn about how diseases spread among people, animals, plants, and the environment.

The Government of Burkina Faso (GOBF) is committed to using the electronic One Health platform, which is linked to ENDOS, the national health management information system, to better meet the need for a comprehensive and effective response to health threats at the community level.

CHISU will advance the analysis and use of health data aggregated from three One Health ministries into the national One Health platform and the broader routine HIS managed through ENDOS. CHISU’s work involves the following activities:

  1. Strengthening the governance and enabling environment of One Health and ENDOS in Burkina Faso (e.g., ensuring that Ministry of Health staff who use the OneHealth platform to collect, analyze, and monitor COVID-19 data submit data on a routine basis)
  2. Increasing the availability and interoperability of quality health data and information systems (e.g., providing training and tablets to staff in three ministries so they are able to use the One Health platform to enter, analyze, and use health data)
  3. Improving data analysis and use (e.g., providing and supporting specialized training, procuring critical supplies, and placing technical advisors at the national level to conduct targeted data analysis)

Approaching HIS strengthening by capitalizing on the momentum that has been generated by the One Health approach will assist the GOBF to develop a roadmap for HIS improvement that is aligned with the national HIS strategy under development.