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Map of Africa with Malawi highlighted

Country Brief: Malawi


CHISU is continuing to support national-level HIS strengthening interventions initiated in Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) based on the gaps and recommendations from the CHISU-led Stages of Continuous Improvement (SOCI) assessment, as well as data quality and improvement interventions in the eight CHISU-targeted districts. CHISU is also initiating additional data use strengthening interventions at the district and facility levels.

Strengthening malaria data systems and use in Malawi

To strengthen HIS governance and leadership, CHISU is: 

  • Supporting national-level monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and NMCP technical working group meetings
  • Providing technical inputs to the national Malaria Surveillance M&E efforts
  • Supporting finalization and implementation of national HIS policies and strategies
  • Initiating dialogue on the inclusion of private sector health service providers in the national HIS

To increase availability of quality health information in the country, CHISU is supporting implementation of routine malaria data quality verification at the district and facility levels and training facility staff on direct DHIS2 data entry for malaria data in CHISU-targeted districts. The program is also:

  • Supporting the national DHIS2 version upgrade and training NMCP staff, malaria coordinators, and health management information system (HMIS) officers on the upgraded system
  • Providing technical procurement for the distribution of registers and procuring and distributing an emergency supply of key registers as needed

To improve data management, analysis, and use, CHISU is: 

  • Supporting the implementation of supportive supervision
  • Supporting targeted data use mentorship using appropriate visualization tools (DHIS2 dashboards, score cards, and relevant manual visualization tools) at the facility level
  • Supporting the Central Monitoring and Evaluation Division (CMED), NMCP, and the Digital Health and the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) unit at the village clinic level in two targeted districts 

CHISU will also introduce facility- and district-level data use competitions and recognize local actions that improve service delivery through data use.

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Photo: Participants in a malaria strategy development workshop supported by CHISU and NMCP in Malawi in  early 2023.

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