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CHISU provides support to the Ministry of Health to: strengthen governance and enabling environment of Malawi’s health information system; increase the availability and interoperability of quality health data; and increase the demand and use of health data and information to address health priorities, gaps and challenges.

In particular, CHISU supports malaria surveillance efforts by strengthening the use of a digital tracking system, supporting system interoperability at the national level and at least 10 high-burden malaria districts jointly identified.

Blog Posts

Ministry of Health staff using the Malaria DQA job aid to conduct data verification in one of the CHISU supported districts.

Scaling up district malaria data quality improvement interventions in Malawi

Malawi’s National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) has been implementing periodic district mentorship to strengthen data management capacity at the facility level. This intervention improved reporting rates and timeliness of data entry into DHIS2 to 96% and 90% (2022) from 91% and 68.2% in 2018 respectively; however, data accuracy has historically been a challenge in the country, discouraging the NMCP from using data directly from DHIS2.  Read more ›