CHISU supports the Government of Serbia to strengthen HIS leadership and governance and improve the country’s data analytics and use.

CHISU is working to strengthen Serbia’s HIS leadership and governance by enhancing the work of the eHealth Steering Committee through both program management and technical support. In addition, CHISU is strengthening the foundations for achieving Action Plan objectives for the Digitization Programme in the Health System of the Republic of Serbia for 2022–2023 and for achieving the Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in the Republic of Serbia (2020–2025) through improved data analytics and use.

CHISU is strengthening Serbia’s HIS leadership and governance by: 

  • Providing technical support to the eHealth Steering Committee and working groups
  • Tracking implementation of the action plan for the Program for Health System Digitalization (2022–2026)
  • Strengthening the Institute of Public Health of Serbia (IPH Batut) by building and extending their capacity to use Power BI software (a powerful tool for creating data visualizations) to produce reports autonomously
  • Mentoring IPH Batut and the National Alliance for Economic Development (NALED) to conduct the HIS SOCI assessment for future measurement 
  • Supporting analytic capacities at the IPH Batut

To improve Serbia’s data quality and use, CHISU is:

  • Documenting approaches involved in electronic immunization records
  • Increasing coverage of electronic immunization records
  • Supporting implementation of strategies to optimize use of existing data for improved decision making
  • Assessing readiness for advanced data analytics
  • Improving data analysis skills by training key staff at IPH Batut on using Power BI 

Activity Updates

CHISU Supports Health Care Digitization Workshops in Serbia

Meeting participants around a table

Serbia continues to strategically plan the country’s journey toward digitization in health care. CHISU supported the organization of two workshops to help the country achieve that digitization. Read more ›

Blog Posts

Why is governance important in health information system strengthening—and how does it play a role in CHISU’s work?

Digital Health Week 2023 is an opportunity for the digital health community to share their successes, challenges, and perspectives on the role of digital health in achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Several of the week’s themes resonate with CHISU’s work, but the theme of governance stands out. We asked CHISU team members: Why do you think governance is important when it comes to health data and digital health tools? And how does governance play a role in the work you do for CHISU? Read more ›

Success Stories

CHISU Results in Action: Automating Geospatial Data Visualization for Better Public Health Decision Making in Serbia


CHISU assisted in developing custom software to help automate two major processes in Serbia: visualizations of geospatial data pertaining to public health and the processing of data obtained from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia. Read more ›


CHISU Annual Report Infographic

CHISU Highlights from October 2022–September 2023


The Country Health Information and Data Systems Use (CHISU) program experienced remarkable growth from October 2022–September 2023, expanding from nine countries and regions at the beginning of the year to 17 at the end of the year. CHISU was engaged in 10 global technical activities at the beginning of the year, and 26 at the end of the year.