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CHISU is the flagship data and information system project of the USAID Bureau for Global Health, Office of Health Systems.

CHISU envisions country health systems in which stakeholders at every level can access high-quality data generated from multiple, interoperated data sources and use the data to guide policy and improve resource allocation, service delivery, and system performance.

We support the integration and harmonization of systems across health areas to improve data collection, analysis, and use at national and sub-national levels. CHISU informs the demand and use of health information to address health priorities and advance the capacity of local partners to support health ministries—significant gaps that have become even more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CHISU Consortium

The CHISU consortium, led by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI), brings a wealth of perspectives and expertise to address the complex challenges that countries face in their HIS evolution.

CHISU demonstrates the commitment of JSI and its partners to work with USAID, country governments, and international and local partners to advance digital health solutions, understanding that the use of trusted health data is fundamental to the ability of national and local governments to improve the quality of health services.

Photo of several people in white coats and medical masks attending a meeting

Source: Ethiopia Data Use Partnership

CHISU Service Offerings

  • Design and implementation of health information systems (HIS) programs: CHISU supports the conceptualization and deployment—or scale-up—of key pieces of a country’s HIS architecture. This includes identifying where a country is in its HIS evolution and ensuring that the necessary governance structures, guidance, platforms, and processes are in place to enhance sustainability.
  • Interoperability: We can assist in the development of national standards for data exchange, the implementation of interoperability solutions, and the training of local actors to maintain HIS. We have deep experience deploying the most effective HMIS implementations, like DHIS2, and linking them to existing systems with health information exchange technologies.
  • Capacity enhancement for MOH: The CHISU team tailors training programs to support MOHs and local stakeholders in areas as varied as artificial intelligence and machine learning to data use and software global goods.
  • Support to local partners: CHISU assists in identifying key actors in a country ecosystem and carrying out organizational and technical assessments of the organizations to ensure that local entities are well-positioned to support the systems of today and tomorrow.

Engaging CHISU’s Services

CHISU is administered by USAID’s Office of Health Systems, which works with global entities and in-country partners to support the people, processes, and partnerships engaged with effective health information systems. Through a buy-in mechanism, USAID missions and bureaus across all health programmatic areas can access a portfolio of services and strategy support from CHISU and its global network of expertise.

For information, please contact: Lisa Maniscalco, AOR,