Sierra Leone

CHISU is supporting the Government of Sierra Leone to strengthen malaria data systems and use, including improved coordination among implementers and partners, strengthening Sierra Leone’s national health information system (NHIS), and increasing the availability of quality health data.

CHISU is focused on strengthening governance in Sierra Leone through supporting partner coordination at the national and provincial levels to enhance their ability to steward the health information system. Key partners are the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) and the Directorate of Policy, Planning and Information (DPPI).

The program is also supporting the scale-up and implementation of the digitalization of the supportive supervision tool and mRDQA, as well as their interoperability with the NHIS. It will also contribute to the assessment of the Community Health Information System (CHIS) digital platform, which is designed to collect, manage, and analyze health-related data at the community level.

Additionally, the program is working closely with the NMCP to improve surveillance, monitoring, and evaluation capacity through training and support. CHISU is improving and standardizing data quality processes by developing a data quality assurance plan and custom tools to generate a quarterly malaria bulletin from the NHIS.

Activity Updates

Strengthening data use for action against malaria in Sierra Leone

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Our work in Sierra Leone includes improving coordination between the NMCP and partner organizations; technical working group coordination—which includes the Directorate of Policy, Planning and Information (DPPI) and Community Health Workers Hub—for community health information systems Read more ›

Success Stories

Bringing partners together to pilot a community health worker application in Sierra Leone


Prior to piloting the Community Health Information System (CHIS) tool in Sierra Leone, CHISU coordinated with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and other local organizations to ensure that the CHIS could meet the needs of both the MOH and the wider Sierra Leone population. CHISU is supporting development of the CHIS into an application that community health workers (CHWs) can use when they are providing care in their communities. Read more ›


CHISU Annual Report Infographic

CHISU Highlights from October 2022–September 2023


The Country Health Information and Data Systems Use (CHISU) program experienced remarkable growth from October 2022–September 2023, expanding from nine countries and regions at the beginning of the year to 17 at the end of the year. CHISU was engaged in 10 global technical activities at the beginning of the year, and 26 at the end of the year.