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In Mali, CHISU focuses on improving the quality and use of COVID-19 data. The program’s approach is to engage in activities at the central and sub-national levels that bolster availability and quality of COVID-19 data and improve the use of data to respond to the pandemic at all levels of the health system, contributing to health information system strengthening in the country.

CHISU is also supporting the Government of Mali’s efforts to improve the management of and response to health emergencies and other public health events.

Blog Posts

Data entry officers addressing backlog in Mali.

Mali: Improved COVID-19 surveillance data quality enables better decision-making

The Ministry of Health and Social Development of Mali has been using the DHIS2 platform for Health Information System data management at all levels since 2016. It has been a priority to improve data reporting and real-time decision-making in the country.  Read more ›

Success Stories

Technical team meeting in September 2022

Results in Action: Helping Improve COVID-19 Surveillance Coordination in Mali


As part of its policy to strengthen the health information system, Mali aims to ensure the production, analysis, dissemination, and use of up-to-date health information for better evidence-based decision-making. To achieve this objective, the MOH and its partners are working to maximize the use of health sector resources. Read more ›