Success Stories

External consistency of the rate of skilled birth attendance between routine and ENAFEM survey data

Results in Action: Implementing Tools and Building Capacity around Data Quality Review in Niger


Data quality issues have been a major concern for HIS administrators in Niger. To change the situation, the Directorate of Statistics asked CHISU to assist in the implementation of the World Health Organization DQR tools when the program started operations in Niger in 2022. Read more ›

Technical team meeting in September 2022

Results in Action: Helping Improve COVID-19 Surveillance Coordination in Mali


As part of its policy to strengthen the health information system, Mali aims to ensure the production, analysis, dissemination, and use of up-to-date health information for better evidence-based decision-making. To achieve this objective, the MOH and its partners are working to maximize the use of health sector resources. Read more ›

Satu Sehat launch

Results in Action: Satu Sehat - Indonesia goes Big with Health Information Exchange Platform for the Entire Country


Satu Sehat, or “One Health,” is a health information exchange platform that serves as a core component to support the exchange of data among health facility information systems, both private and public, as well as other health data management information systems throughout Indonesia, creating a shared health record for all Indonesians. Read more ›

Annual Statistics Report launch

Results in Action: Haiti Launches Annual Reports on Health System Performance


After a two-year hiatus, the National Health Statistical Reports for 2020 and 2021 were formally launched by the MSPP Evaluation and Planning Unit (UEP) with the support of CHISU on August 10, 2022, in Port-au-Prince. Read more ›

Facilitator presenting at DAIVT workshop.

Results in Action: Creating a Flexible and Responsive Context Enhances Malaria E-Tracker in Ghana


Ghana has earmarked six districts for malaria pre-elimination and has introduced a malaria DHIMS2 (District Health Information Management System) e-tracker into these districts to capture transactional data and improve the quality of data. Staff in the six selected districts were trained on its use to capture relevant data. Read more ›

Entering vaccination data at a site in the Nongre-Massom health district.

Results in Action: Joint Supervision Enables Agile COVID-19 Response in Burkina Faso


In Burkina Faso, prior investments to improve the country’s health information systems better prepared the country to respond to emergencies. When COVID-19 hit, the country was able to build on those systems, rather than starting from scratch, and quickly respond to the pandemic. Read more ›

ENDOS figures

Results in Action: Decentralized Reporting at Health Facilities will Lead to Improved Data Quality in Burkina Faso


Since 2013, Burkina Faso has used DHIS2 for routine data management of the national health information system. DHIS2 is currently deployed throughout the country from the national to district level, with monthly data entry carried out by the manager of the Center for Health Information and Epidemiological Surveillance (CISSE) based at each district. Read more ›

Working group meeting

Results in Action: New eHealth Strategy Promotes Data Use in Serbia


CHISU supported the implementation of the Health Information Systems Stages of Continuous Improvement (SOCI) assessment in Serbia to establish a baseline for the country's five-year eHealth strategy and identify areas for improvement for the initial two-years. Read more ›

Mr. Zakaria and his cows

Results in Action: The Case of the Dead Cattle and Fish in Burkina Faso


With CHISU support, human and zoonotic data have been integrated and linked to the information systems of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Animal and Fisheries Resources, and the Ministry of the Environment Green Economy and Climate Change in Burkina Faso. Read more ›

Interoperability graphic

Results in Action: Ministries Gain Better Insights from Interoperable Data in Burkina Faso


In 2019, USAID supported the development of a One Health information system in Burkina Faso with MEASURE Evaluation (a USAID funded project), and continued support through the Country Health Information Systems and Data Use (CHISU) program to create a comprehensive and effective response to zoonotic and key human health threats at the community level. Read more ›