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Success Stories

Group of people attending a meeting

Convening malaria experts in Burundi to better understand and address recent increases in the disease


CHISU is partnering with health information system stakeholders in Burundi to advance the country’s HIS progression through better coordination, data management, and data use for malaria data by supporting a technical working group (TWG) and holding data analysis review meetings. Read more ›

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Catalyzing stakeholder commitment to improving electronic data capture in Ghana


CHISU, in collaboration with the Care Continuum Project and GHS’s Policy, Planning, Monitoring Read more ›

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Strengthening malaria surveillance in Madagascar using data dashboards


In Madagascar, CHISU developed a weekly malaria surveillance dashboard to improve the analysis and communication of surveillance data for decision makers to have timely malaria data. The dashboard brings data together to support early detection of epidemiological trends and rapid adaptation of interventions—critical improvements for a more effective fight against malaria. Read more ›

People gathered around tables in a meeting

Mobilizing stakeholders to establish system interoperability in Niger


CHISU supported Niger’s Ministry of Heatlh (MOH) to complete a readiness assessment on the potential for interoperability across the various health information systems and the District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2) platform and develop a guide for interoperability norms. Read more ›

Women wearing masks and talking

Improving malaria surveillance and health system interoperability in Thailand


CHISU supports Thailand's Ministry of Public Health (MOPH)'s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases (DVBD) to improve operability of its malaria information system (MIS) and to ensure integration of the MIS with other national health information systems. This will not only improve malaria surveillance but will also contribute to Thailand’s national goal of integrating vertical disease programs into a single, centralized platform. Read more ›

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Standardizing population estimates to strengthen data quality and use in Côte d’Ivoire


CHISU worked in Cote d'Ivoire to harmonize population data indicators to ensure data consistency across health programs in the country. Read more ›

Person sitting behind a computer screen

Easing health workers’ data entry burden using an interoperability mediator in Indonesia


CHISU worked closely with the Indonesia Ministry of Health’s Center for Data and Information and Technology (PUSDATIN) and Digital Transformation Office (DTO) to develop an interoperability mediator between the SATUSEHAT data exchange and analysis platform and the electronic medical records (EMR) systems that health facilities across the country use. This means that health workers only need to enter data once instead of multiple times, saving them valuable time. Read more ›

People sitting at computers

Developing an automated malaria bulletin application to strengthen data use in Malawi


CHISU supported the development and integration of a malaria bulletin into Malawi's national District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2) platform and subsequent training for malaria data users across the country to allow health workers to easily access malaria indicators. Read more ›

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Bolstering Serbia’s ability to communicate about health data


CHISU consultant Filip Arnaut works at Serbia's national Institute of Public Health (IPH) Batut, where he has supported changes to the design, format, and dissemination of results in IPH Batut's annual statistical yearbook (a primary source of public health data in Serbia), ultimately allowing for public health staff to rethink - and ultimately revitalize - how they communicate about public health data in Serbia. Read more ›

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Strengthening gender- responsive data use in Kenya


CHISU helped review and train a second cohort of malaria program staff on a malaria-focused epidemiology curriculum in Kenya in October 2023. Working closely with Dr. Maria Thuita, the epidemiology training coordinator, CHISU realized that the training curriculum did not have any content about the impact of gender or sociocultural factors on malaria transmission. After identifying this gap, CHISU decided to use the training to raise awareness among malaria program staff about the way gender norms and dynamics contribute to malaria exposure, prevention, and treatment. Read more ›

People with laptops open sitting around a table

Fixing malaria data quality issues to inform strategic decisions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


CHISU worked in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to conduct an analysis of malaria-related deaths reported by health facilities between January and December 2023. The analysis identified erroneously reported malaria-related deaths and, in coordination with the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP), CHISU guided the processes to correct these data for improved malaria data. Read more ›

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Streamlining data quality assessments to strengthen malaria efforts in Kenya


CHISU supported the transformation of the malaria routine data quality assessment (mRDQA) tool in Kenya so that it is now accessible as an Android application that allows users to analyze malaria data as well as coordinate and plan routine data quality activities. This application helps streamline data quality assessment processes, providing decision makers with better-quality malaria data. Read more ›

People gathered around a table in a meeting

Ensuring historical data is part of Mali’s malaria story for better decision making


Mali's National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) decided to migrate historical malaria data to its nationalDistrict Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2) platform, the country’s health information system platform that will also collect new malaria data in the future. CHISU supported NMCP in migrating the historical data to the national DHIS2 platform in collaboration with health information system (HIS) and malaria stakeholders, including NMCP, Laboratoire de biologie moléculaire appliquée (LBMA), VectorLink, and USAID. Read more ›

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Bringing partners together to pilot a community health worker application in Sierra Leone


Prior to piloting the Community Health Information System (CHIS) tool in Sierra Leone, CHISU coordinated with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and other local organizations to ensure that the CHIS could meet the needs of both the MOH and the wider Sierra Leone population. CHISU is supporting development of the CHIS into an application that community health workers (CHWs) can use when they are providing care in their communities. Read more ›

Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop with Members of Castellum Digital Indonesia

CHISU Results in Action: Strengthening Organizational Development of Local Partners for a Stronger Health Information System in Indonesia


The Center for Data and Information Technology (Pusdatin), with support from CHISU, started implementing Indonesia's Digital Health Transformation Strategy, increasing access to local partners to provide technical assistance to subnational governments on their digital transformation journeys. Read more ›

Two people sitting and looking at papers in front of them

CHISU Results in Action: Collectively Mobilizing Health Information System Stakeholders for Data Quality Assurance Plan Development in Niger


Greater data quality assurance has become a priority for Niger’s new HIS strategic plan. In order to find a sustainable solution to the main data quality problems affecting the use of health data, the Ministry of Health proceeded to develop and implement a data quality assurance plan with CHISU support. Read more ›

Five people seated in chairs

CHISU Results in Action: Promoting Good Data Quality through Data Competitions in Mali


To support Mali’s efforts to improve data quality in the country, CHISU (in collaboration with the DHIS2 technical team) helped regional management teams organize competitions between health facilities in the program’s intervention regions. Read more ›

Screenshot of Legisante website

CHISU Results in Action: Creating an Online “Legisanté” Library to Increase Accessibility of Burkina Faso’s Strategic Public Health Documents


With financial support from USAID, CHISU provided technical support to set up an online application called “Legisanté” to manage the regulatory texts and other strategic documents in Burkina Faso. The process was carried out under the leadership of key players. Read more ›

Man presenting to a small group

CHISU Results in Action: Improving the Malaria Data Quality Score in Nine Provinces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 2018 to 2023


CHISU provides support to the Ministry of Health for improving data analysis, holding regular meetings, conducting malaria routine data quality audits (mRDQA) and supervision in health facilities, conducting malaria data validation and review meetings. All of these activities contribute to improving the quality of data reported in DHIS2. Read more ›

Four people looking at a tablet screen

CHISU Results in Action: Transitioning to Electronic Transactional Data Capture in a Complex Implementation Environment in Ghana’s Savannah Region


The transition from paper registers to electronic registers for data capture in Ghana is happening in a complex implementation environment affected by high staff attrition, overburdened staff, poor internet connectivity or lack of internet bundles to sync or upload data, and personnel issues.  Read more ›