CHISU is supporting the Government of Haiti to advance its national health information system (HIS) goals with a focus on systems that support orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), COVID-19, and the Système d’Information Sanitaire Nationale Unique (SISNU, Haiti’s national health management information system). 

CHISU is working to strengthen Haiti’s HIS and improve health data quality, availability, and use in the country. Specifically, CHISU is:

  • Supporting implementation of SISNU
  • Supporting COVID-19 information systems, data quality, and use
  • Supporting tuberculosis (TB) and HIV systems standards, data integration, and data quality, analysis, and use
  • Supporting the development of an OVC client tracking and reporting system

Supporting implementation of the SISNU platform

As part of Haiti’s efforts to strengthen its HIS, the country’s Unit of Evaluation and Planning/Programming in the Ministry of Public Health and Population (UEP/MSPP) has adopted the District Health Information Software, Version 2 (DHIS2). SISNU runs on the DHIS2 platform and is managed by the UEP.

Ongoing implementation of SISNU is the backbone of MSPP’s integrated HIS. Since SISNU’s implementation is hybrid (electronic and paper-based), maintaining access to registers and reporting tools is key to ensuring the quality, completeness, and timeliness of the data. CHISU is supporting the implementation of a sustainable, integrated HIS and is creating a framework to accommodate this integration. CHISU is also strengthening SISNU to accommodate the country’s need for more health data. Developing standardized processes for system development and improvement will help ensure that UEP continues SISNU improvement work—and CHISU is assisting the UEP in developing SISNU documentation for system administration and configuration.

Supporting the national COVID-19 response

CHISU is supporting Haiti’s systems for tracking and reporting on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The UEP/MSPP is implementing the COVAX COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker at 259 vaccine sites (using the tracker’s immunization e-registry features) to meet the MSPP’s needs for tracking vaccine delivery. Additionally, the UEP wants to improve the utility of this system by rolling it out to additional sites and also by implementing an electronic COVID-19 vaccination pass system (Passe Sanitaire Electronique). CHISU is collaborating with UEP on the ongoing COVAX implementation and is providing strategic guidance and technical assistance to help UEP/MSPP effectively implement COVAX and the Passe Sanitaire Electronique.

Additionally, CHISU is updating the Carte Sanitaire (a publicly available web tool to for the geolocation of health institutions of the MSPP) to include COVID-19 vaccination data and is providing support to UEP for the development and dissemination of the annual Statistical Report, which includes COVID-19-related services data.

Improving TB and HIV data quality and use

CHISU is supporting Haiti’s MSPP in implementing the data quality improvement process for TB/HIV data within SISNU, and is also supporting maintenance of the TB Tracker system. These systems organize information on individuals and families with respect to vaccines, family planning, maternal and child health, HIV treatment and support, TB treatment, and other services. Currently, OVC program data are collected on paper-based forms across three different management information systems (MIS). CHISU is developing a harmonized MIS to allow real-time access to programmatic data, which will improve the quality of care provided to clients and enhance monitoring, evaluation, and learning coordination across OVC stakeholders.

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