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CHISU strengthens health information systems, interoperable information architecture, and data use, and supports countries’ self-reliance by enhancing capacity for local leadership and engagement in every aspect of health data. The project’s objectives include:

  • Strengthen the governance and enabling environment of host-country health information systems
  • Increase the availability and interoperability of quality health data and information systems
  • Increase demand and use of health data and information to address health priorities, gaps, and challenges
  • Strengthen the organizational development of local, non-governmental partners for sustained health data use

JSI & Partners

JSI leads CHISU, with partners RTI International, Vital Strategies, Macro-Eyes, Jembi Health Systems, and the Global Evaluation and Monitoring Network for Health (GEMNet-Health).

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Logo for JSI, Inc.
Logo for RTI International (RTI)
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Logo for Macro-Eyes
Logo for Jembi Health Systems
Logo for Global Evaluation and Monitoring Network for Health (GEMNet-Health)