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CHISU is working with the Center for Health Information Management, the Ghana Health Service, and the National Malaria Control Program to strengthen the systems for collecting malaria related data & improve data quality processes and analytics to contribute to the malaria program.

CHISU’s work involves the following activities:

  • Contribute to health systems outcomes by the improved use of quality data.
  • Champion the importance of gender in HIS design and decision making.
  • Ensure that data security principles are considered in national guidelines.
  • Assess the interoperability readiness between malaria data apps and DHIMS2.
  • Strengthen health workforce capacity and organizational processes to improve data use and analysis for decision-making.
  • Improve use of quality health data for tracking coverage and health trends.
  • Enhance data analytics, visualization, and interpretation to inform decisions.

CHISU is contributing to COVID-19 surveillance systems alignment and strengthening of the country’s Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response framework to better respond to disease outbreaks in Ghana and contribute towards combating global public health emergencies.

Blog Posts

Workshop participants, trainers and CHISU representatives.

Data protection: CHISU supports Ghana Health Service IT staff cybersecurity and systems administration training

In consultation with the Ghana Health Service Information Communication and Technology Unit of the Policy Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Division (ICT/PPMED), CHISU engaged the information technology training institute Open Labs to conduct a three-week in-person training on cybersecurity and server administration for national-level ICT staff in January 2023. Read more ›

Success Stories

Facilitator presenting at DAIVT workshop.

Results in Action: Creating a Flexible and Responsive Context Enhances Malaria E-Tracker in Ghana


Ghana has earmarked six districts for malaria pre-elimination and has introduced a malaria DHIMS2 (District Health Information Management System) e-tracker into these districts to capture transactional data and improve the quality of data. Staff in the six selected districts were trained on its use to capture relevant data. Read more ›