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Heat map of vaccination allocation when weighted toward test positivity population.

Mali: Exploring the use of artificial intelligence for improved COVID-19 vaccine allocation

In Mali, traditional methods of data analysis have been helpful in understanding the COVID-19 situation on the ground at the time the data were collected. But these methods only help with creating reactive programming—which is often expensive and comes too late for the hardest hit populations. That’s why CHISU is exploring the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate more proactive programming and improve Mali’s response to COVID-19 and future health emergencies. Read more ›

Data entry officers addressing backlog in Mali.

Mali: Improved COVID-19 surveillance data quality enables better decision-making

The Ministry of Health and Social Development of Mali has been using the DHIS2 platform for Health Information System data management at all levels since 2016. It has been a priority to improve data reporting and real-time decision-making in the country.  Read more ›