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Areas that CHISU is looking forward to learning about at the Digital Health Forum

The Global Digital Health Forum 2022, taking place from December 5-7 2022 as a hybrid event – virtual (Asia and East Africa time zones) & in-person at Crystal City Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia –  is calling for abstracts. The submission deadline is August 21.

This year’s theme is ‘Driving Effective and Equitable Digital Health Innovation’. Digital health innovation applies technology, data, processes, and organizational change to evolve existing practices or create new ones. In healthcare, it allows expanding service reach, addressing healthcare needs in near real-time, and improving quality. The Forum will explore digital innovation within these domains and more.

Based on this year’s theme, the Country Health Information Systems and Data Use (CHISU) program looks forward to hearing about governance, interoperability and data use, all with a focus on equity.

One of the key areas of interest includes approaches taken by countries to strengthen interoperability of digital health systems such as the use of standards and adoption of digital public goods.

We hope to join discussions around digital transformation – moving from a catch phrase to what this means pragmatically on the ground. We are eager to hear about efforts and the impact of data use and analysis from all levels of the health system, and the value of health data analysis from multisectoral systems, which we know are critical to realizing the benefits of investments in health information systems.

Finally, we are excited to share our work on integrating gender into health information systems and to learn from others who are working to ensure that digital health reduces and does not increase the digital divide.

The Global Digital Health Forum will connect implementers, government stakeholders, digital health technologists, researchers, health systems leaders, donors, and field experts from across the globe. The Forum will feature lightning talks, panel presentations, individual sessions, technology demos, interactive workshops, poster presentations, and opportunities for networking and we are looking forward to engaging with everyone, both in person and virtually!


About the Authors

Steve Ollis, Project Director, CHISU

Chris Seebregts, CEO, Jembi Health Systems

Cristina Bisson, Director of Health Systems for RTI’s Global Health Division


This blog was originally posted by the Global Digital Health Network.

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