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Success Stories

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Mobilizing stakeholders to establish system interoperability in Niger


CHISU supported Niger’s Ministry of Heatlh (MOH) to complete a readiness assessment on the potential for interoperability across the various health information systems and the District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2) platform and develop a guide for interoperability norms. Read more ›

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CHISU Results in Action: Collectively Mobilizing Health Information System Stakeholders for Data Quality Assurance Plan Development in Niger


Greater data quality assurance has become a priority for Niger’s new HIS strategic plan. In order to find a sustainable solution to the main data quality problems affecting the use of health data, the Ministry of Health proceeded to develop and implement a data quality assurance plan with CHISU support. Read more ›

CHISU Results in Action: Health Information System Assessment Tool Implementation in Two Countries


With the support of CHISU program, the HIS directorates in Madagascar and Niger planned to conduct an assessment of their HIS with the SOCI tool prior to the planning phase of their new strategic plans.  Read more ›

External consistency of the rate of skilled birth attendance between routine and ENAFEM survey data

CHISU Results in Action: Implementing Tools and Building Capacity around Data Quality Review in Niger


Data quality issues have been a major concern for HIS administrators in Niger. To change the situation, the Directorate of Statistics asked CHISU to assist in the implementation of the World Health Organization DQR tools when the program started operations in Niger in 2022. Read more ›