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Success Stories

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Streamlining data quality assessments to strengthen malaria efforts in Kenya


CHISU supported the transformation of the malaria routine data quality assessment (mRDQA) tool in Kenya so that it is now accessible as an Android application that allows users to analyze malaria data as well as coordinate and plan routine data quality activities. This application helps streamline data quality assessment processes, providing decision makers with better-quality malaria data. Read more ›

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Strengthening gender-responsive data use in Kenya


CHISU helped review and train a second cohort of malaria program staff on a malaria-focused epidemiology curriculum in Kenya in October 2023. Working closely with Dr. Maria Thuita, the epidemiology training coordinator, CHISU realized that the training curriculum did not have any content about the impact of gender or sociocultural factors on malaria transmission. After identifying this gap, CHISU decided to use the training to raise awareness among malaria program staff about the way gender norms and dynamics contribute to malaria exposure, prevention, and treatment. Read more ›