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CHISU meeting with Côte d'Ivoire’s National Malaria Control Program and the Ministry of Health Information System Directorate.

Why is governance important in health information system strengthening—and how does it play a role in CHISU’s work?

Digital Health Week 2023 is an opportunity for the digital health community to share their successes, challenges, and perspectives on the role of digital health in achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Several of the week’s themes resonate with CHISU’s work, but the theme of governance stands out. We asked CHISU team members: Why do you think governance is important when it comes to health data and digital health tools? And how does governance play a role in the work you do for CHISU? Read more ›

People look at a computer screen together at a workshop.

Supporting Serbia’s coordination body for health information system strengthening

CHISU provides technical support to Serbia’s eHealth coordination body created by the country’s government in 2023. This builds on previous work that started in 2021, when CHISU helped analyze Serbia’s health care situation and develop a five-year eHealth strategy and a two-year action plan. Read more ›

New eHealth Strategy Promotes Data Use in Serbia

New eHealth strategy promotes data use in Serbia

USAID-funded Country Health Information System and Data Use (CHISU) program carried out an eHealth working group in Serbia to supplement the country's eHealth strategy toolkit. Read more ›

 Meeting with the Serbian Office of IT and eGov

Serbia: Moving from strategy to action

Updates from Serbia on progress towards implementation of the eHealth Strategy 2021-2026 and eHealth Action Plan. Read more ›