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Supporting Locally-led Health Information Systems: USAID Localization in Action in Indonesia and the Eastern and Southern Caribbean

Health information systems (HIS) are at the heart of strong health systems that can deliver better health services in every country. Strengthening local technical capacity to develop, manage and continuously improve the HIS ecosystem is critical but so too is strengthening local institutions’ organizational capacity to drive the progression of this local ecosystem for HIS. USAID’s localization agenda provides a unique opportunity to achieve this goal. To catalyze locally-led HIS, CHISU supports the development of both technical and organizational capacity in Indonesia and the Eastern and Southern Caribbean. We held a webinar in June 2024 to hear from representatives of USAID Washington, Indonesia, and Eastern and Southern Caribbean, as well as local institutions specializing in HIS working in these regions that have received technical and organizational capacity strengthening support from CHISU as part of the goal to drive locally-led development for HIS. Our panelists shared their experience, what has worked well, what adaptations have been made, and what other organizations can do to further this goal.

Moderator and presenter:

  • Derek Kunaka, Technical Director, CHISU Program


  • Alana Shury, COVID-19 Regional Coordinator, USAID
  • Charmaine Metivier, Research Fellow HEU, Center for Health Economics, The University of the West Indies
  • Lisa Maniscalco, Health Information Systems and Evaluation Advisor, USAID
  • Daryl Martyris, USAID Indonesia Deputy Director for HSS and MCH
  • Ratih Syabrina, Director, Castellum Digital Indonesia (CDI)

Watch the webinar recording in English and French:

Supporting Locally-led Health Information Systems