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Gender Equity and Health Outcomes: Experiences with and Opportunities for Gender Integration in Health Information Systems

Moderated by Derek Kunaka, CHISU’s HIS Director, this panel discussion featured:

  • Rajeev Colaço, M.D., Dr.P.H., Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning, and Adapting (MERLA), RTI International’s Global Health Division
  • Roopa Dhatt, M.D., Executive Director, Women in Global Health
  • Mzi Nduna, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, School of Human and Community Development, University of the Witwatersrand
  • Preeti Negandhi, M.D., Ms.C., Additional Professor, Indian Institute of Public Health-Delhi and Public Health Foundation of India

Speakers discussed their experiences with—and opportunities for—gender integration in HIS in the following domains:

  • HIS leadership and governance (e.g., ensuring that women, men, and those marginalized due to gender-related norms influence and participate in HIS efforts)
  • Systems and software (e.g., developing and enhancing gender-sensitive indicators, integrating the indicators, and maintaining disaggregation in enhanced interoperable information systems)
  • Data quality and use (e.g., predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and data science techniques, and capacity-strengthening efforts to ensure that an equity and the ethical lens is used in training, testing, application of analytics, interpretation, and decision-making)
  • Local partners’ capacity enhancement (e.g., training, mentorship, and organizational capacity strengthening that is inclusive, equitable, and promotes diversity among trainers, mentors, and country HIS leadership)